About PulseCX?

PulseCX is a healthcare marketing agency that specializes in optimizing the customer experience for pharmaceutical brands.

Growth to better serve you

Formerly Roska Healthcare, the agency has evolved from its roots as a direct marketing company with uncommon strength in relationship marketing to a powerhouse marketing agency that creates innovative multichannel campaigns and experiences for a wide variety of therapeutic categories.

Creating more impactful customer experiences

A significant difference between PulseCX and other healthcare agencies is its unique suite of products in its trademarked PulsePoints 360™, an innovative, turnkey set of product offerings that helps you deliver a more impactful customer experience.

Elevating your brand

With strong leadership in the strategic, creative, and digital arenas, PulseCX helps move clients forward by positively changing the thinking and behaviors of customers, one memorable experience at a time and, as a result, elevating the brands they connect with through their journey.