PulseCX has evolved from its early days as Roska Direct, refocusing on healthcare and adding digital capabilities and outstanding talent in strategy, pharmaceutical marketing, and creative to revolutionize and improve the customer journey every step of the way.


Roska Direct
Roska Direct sets up shop and quickly grows into one of the most recognized and sought-after direct response agencies in the region.

Roska Healthcare Advertising
The agency wins its first large healthcare account and employs the best and brightest team in the region to lead this exciting new business venture. Roska Healthcare Advertising is born.

Roska Digital
Times are changing, and the digital world is here. The agency evolves to deliver this enticing new way to reach audiences and acquires e-business agency Mueller & Wister to elevate its digital capabilities. Roska Digital is born.

Roska Healthcare
Push marketing has become obsolete. Instead, we take the approach that every person sees their life as a story, and your brand and your audience benefit when you connect with that story in a way that’s relevant, engaging, and authentic.

We develop a customer experience that influences the decision-making process that drives brand usage. By identifying moments of truth in the customer journey, we connect with them through personalized messaging, two-way conversations, partnerships, events, and sensory moments that form a story. PulseCX is born.