Identifying moments of truth

At PulseCX, we believe it’s crucial to drill deep into the experiences of your customers. Their journeys have multiple touchpoints, and each of those touchpoints has its own moments of truth.

Creating meaningful experiences

To clearly define those moments, we use a Customer Experience Audit that analyzes what happens throughout their journey – what touches them and how they think and behave at every step. Then, based on our learnings, we develop a comprehensive Customer Experience Roadmap, which helps us create for them more meaningful and authentic experiences at the most critical points of influence—and profoundly influence their decision to connect with your brand.

Making it personal

All of these touchpoints help your audience embark on a personal journey that supports them emotionally and rationally. Rather than focusing on feature/benefit communication, we think that success is defined by how you connect with your audiences through personalized messaging, two-way conversations, partnerships, events, and sensory moments that together form a story.