PulsePoints 360:

Connecting your customers with your brand

PulsePoints 360 is an innovative, turnkey approach that helps you deliver the optimal customer experience. Whether you’re launching a new product, exploring a franchise approach, or managing an existing brand through its lifecycle, PulsePoints 360 provides a range of innovative products that help you deliver a more customer-centric experience for your brands.

PulsePoints 360:

Consists of Strategy 360, Brand 360, and Experience 360

The PulsePoints 360 solutions are completely configurable to your unique situation. The program incorporates assets that you’ve already invested in, and makes them work harder for you. PulsePoints 360 will ensure your brand delivers the ultimate in customer experience, benefitting both patients and their healthcare professionals.

Strategy 360

Helps identify the key moments of truth in the customer journey and how to best influence the patient-physician dialog across all channels.  It comprises:

CX Audit
Helps you understand what your customers are thinking, feeling, and doing during the key moments of truth in their journey—and how to leverage those impact points.
CX Analyzer
Helps you identify what the key market drivers are for your brand at the regional level, and how to align resources and tactics to take advantage of those opportunities.
CX Optimizer
Helps you understand what channels your customers are using to communicate, and how best to reach them during those key moments of truth in the journey.

Brand 360

Pulls it all together by developing a multichannel roadmap for acquiring and retaining customers. Experience 360 comprises:

CX Brandscape
Helps you answer key questions. What kind of brand are you? What space does your competition own? What space can you own? And how should you behave during those key moments of truth in the customer journey?
CX Insights
Helps you determine what motivates your audience to change behaviors. We define the type of research we need and conduct interviews with your customers to help us better understand them so we know the best way to interact with them. What do they say out loud versus what they’re really thinking and feeling?
CX Workshop
A three-part session of exercises that helps you determine the rational and emotional benefits of your brand, its unique and ownable personality traits, and its unwavering, passionate promise.

Experience 360

Ensures your brand has the right positioning and creative platform to dominate the conversation during these key moments.  Brand 360 comprises:

CX Roadmap
A step-by-step guide that helps you operationalize your multichannel marketing initiative. We’ll put into action winning strategies for segmentation, messaging, and selection of media channels, and we’ll ensure you have the right infrastructure and partners in place to achieve your short- and long-term goals.
CX Engage
Helps you leverage the latest advances in technology to deliver the personalized customer experience you need to drive engagement and change behavior. CX Engage social experiences deliver social activation programs—from paid social to advocacy outreach and cause marketing, we’ll ensure that an enhanced and integrated customer experience is delivered across all channels and media.
CX Adherence
A customizable high-tech solution that helps you improve adherence. It includes “PulseReminders”—timed communications with incentives to ensure compliance with treatment, aligned to key moments in time when patients are known to be at risk for discontinuation, with each reminder program customized by therapeutic area and patient type.
CX 360 Dashboard
Delivers the metrics, insights, and recommendations to optimize results and ensure success.