David Zaritsky, CEO

David is an authoritative voice in healthcare marketing as it relates to Customer Experience (CX). He has worked with most of the top and mid-level pharma companies, setting standards for best practices and helping marketers triumph over challenges. He has brought storytelling techniques to several companies and has been instrumental in interpreting them into robust experiences.

With over 22 years of experience in experiential marketing, direct marketing, multi-channel marketing (MCM), and customer relationship marketing (CRM), he brings a broad vision to his innumerable skill sets, which include consolidation of messaging and brand identity, as well as global and regional marketing.

David is an executive member of PhRMA and a tenured member of the PDMA. His articles regarding the pharma industry have appeared in PharmaVOICE, Med Ad News, and Pharmaceutical Executive.

He was TWICE named one of the 100 Most Inspiring People in the Life-Sciences Industry by the readers of the PharmaVOICE. He's passionate about traveling and has one of the largest James Bond memorabilia collections in the country.

Interview with David

Tell us about your family.
Some men say their wife is their rock. I even say it when she’s not around. We have two creative children, who in reality are no longer children. One is quite the artist, and the other is an aspiring producer. I’m the youngest of three children and the only non-doctor of the bunch, so for a while I was the black sheep of the family.

Favorite activity?
I love to work out and do so with P90X3 seven days a week. I call it my therapy. My wife and I are also avid walker/hikers. We also love hosting theme parties at our house, watching movies, and enjoying wine and good cheese. I love traveling and can usually rustle up an adventure or two on even the most mundane trips. I’m also the chief correspondent for a cool video podcast about living the James Bond lifestyle called The Bond Experience. You can find it online and on YouTube… see, I really do love discussing Experiences!

Name one thing not many people know about you.
I once rescued a mother and her two children from a car that plunged into a lake. It was anything but a picturesque rescue, though. Ask me about it.


Are you a collector of anything?
I’ve always been a movie buff. I’m a well-known James Bond fan. I remember my father letting me stay up late to watch Bond films with him on TV—a “bonding” experience to be sure. Once I had some of my own money, I began collecting movie props and costumes. Today I have one of the largest archived Bond collections in the country. I use it for charity events and have even lured clients to visit with their families. My wife wants everyone to be assured that my world-class collection is sequestered in a separate and lower level of our home. Stop by for a tour.

List five goals on your life’s to-do list:
In addition to my ongoing quest to be a good husband and father, I’d like to:

  • Continue to be useful to my clients and the Pharma Industry
  • Bungee jump from the Verzasca Dam in Switzerland
  • Make a wish come true for the Make A Wish Foundation
  • Travel through Europe for a month
  • Be an extra in a Bond movie (working on it)

Are you an indoors or outdoors person?
Outdoors. Nothing centers me more than being in nature.

First industry job OR first industry account (whichever is more interesting)?
My first job was as a pharmaceutical sales rep, calling on physician practices and hospitals for Roche. It was when doctors and nurses had time to have conversations with sales reps and saw them as messengers of new information and solutions. It was especially rewarding when I had the chance to work with hospital buying groups and administrators on determining the best outcomes associated with the meds my company created. We were way ahead of the curve for the time as we were patient-centric rather than brand-centric.

Best present ever?
My family. Every day…

What type of movies will you watch?
I need a minimum of three explosions, two battle scenes, and one robot.

Name one thing you miss about being a kid.
One thing I miss is how much you laugh when you’re a kid. Kids laugh all the time, much more than adults do. I never thought about it until I had kids of my own.