Kurt Mueller, Chief Innovation Officer

An innovative pharmaceutical thought leader, Kurt lives to break down physical, traditional, and electronic borders to create truly immersive and engaging customer experiences.

With 20+ years of experience developing award-winning digital multi-channel marketing campaigns and establishing agency partnerships with well-known technology companies like Adobe Systems, VEEVA, Shazam, and Gracenote (the company that powers iTunes, and Amazon Prime), Kurt knows how to combine technology with traditional marketing channels to execute more effective marketing programs that raise awareness, drive engagement, and enhance the doctor–patient dialog.

When not at the agency, Kurt can be found speaking at industry conferences and lecturing at academic institutions. Once a Formula 2000 Series champ on one of America’s racing circuits, he now finds new thrills and excitement spending time with his wife and twin girls.

Q & A with Kurt

Tell us about your family.
It’s a wonderful, worldly mix. I’m married to my Persian wife (raised in Paris), love our two beautiful twin daughters, and serve as a father figure to an adopted son from inner-city Philadelphia. We love to experience life and are enjoying living vicariously through the twins. They make us all laugh and remember to all become children now and again, so we can enjoy life and live in the moment.

Favorite website?
YouTube… all of it. Not only can I search for stats, presentations, loads of creative videos, and even websites (yes, you can build full websites within YouTube videos using other videos as nav, if you’re clever), but it’s also a ton of fun for the whole family. And now, it can even be accessed through my set top box—TV on steroids!


Favorite book?
“Cyberpunk”. If you ever wanted to know how we got here technologically, and where we’re going, the dudes in that book started it all. It was a time of technologic revolution that took targeting and segmentation to a new level.

First industry job OR first industry account (whichever is more interesting)?
AstraZeneca (AstraMerck at that time) and Olympus, developing an interactive training program for the University of California Clinical Cancer Research Center. Only two physicians in the United States were trained to perform a new diagnostic procedure using an endoscope. I was tasked with virtualizing the training program so a larger number of physicians could get up to speed faster than the two pioneers could train them alone. It was one of the most intense jobs of my life, but seeing the end result—the physicians using the program, storing case studies, and improving their techniques—made it all worthwhile.

Mac or PC?
Mac. With all of the virtual machine options and dual boot capability, you can run both operating systems and even share files, so you get the best of both worlds.

Which is cooler, Apple or Google?
Google. Compared my iPhone to my wife’s Droid and wanted to toss my iPhone out the window.

Favorite sport?
Auto racing. I used to do it a lot, but don’t even watch it now. Once you get bit by the bug and actually race, you either keep going or turn it off.

Do you have any tattoos?
Yes, but I’m not telling you where… or what it says.

Ninjas vs pirates: discuss.
Ninjas—get in, do the job, and get out undetected. It’s art. Pirates are just thugs.

Favorite teacher of all-time?
Robert Sprague, my Advance Placement European history teacher, told my parents I was not achieving my potential. Then he threatened to flunk me in homeroom, which was not possible. It motivated me to get myself in gear—and I haven’t looked back since. Thanks Bob!